Creative Strategy
March 29, 2021

I can have intentions, but I have to face what's in front of me.

Open Reference

Sometimes we mistake intention with the ability to exercise our will.

When we are intentional, it doesn't mean we get to do what we intended; we still have to contend with the world around us. Most of us know this logically, but it's hard to adjust our minds to bounce back when our best intentions are disrupted.

This morning I was walking a trail in the forest lit up by the stark white light of the moon, which hung above like a giant street light - I was waxing to myself poetically about the almost full luna.

The trail took me out of the woods and back into a park with real street lights. I was lost in my thoughts and the lights' pattern when a growling loose dog confronted me on the path ahead. I paused.

And soon after, a woman emerged behind the growling and said, "he's friendly."

I called back, "OK, I hope so - I'm getting mixed signals."

I passed this dog by rotating to keep my face toward him as I walked by, and he did the same in a half-circle as we passed each other, he growled, and I stepped away backward (asynchronous rotation just like the moon). Then I was free from his orbit and back on my walk and laughing at my seriousness.

It reminds me as I start my day, I can have intentions, but I have to face what's in front of me.

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