Embracing our limited time creates focus and is freeing.

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Dear creative, do you know when what you've made is good enough?

It's tempting to get lost in endless making, searching for a perfect solution. There is tension between finding the best solution and shipping. But your work is not valued in the process alone but in what you deliver.

Sometimes you have a great solution - you've found perfect - but it's too costly to make.

Other times you may feel like you don't have enough time to do your work.  Even when you know what "perfect" is, you don't always get to make it.

The question is not "what's the best you can make?"... it's always "what's the best you can do within this time?" Sometimes you'll need to say, the time given is not enough - that's okay.

But embracing our limited time forces focus and is freeing.

None of this, is an excuse for subpar work. We all have standards, but sometimes our standards are more personal than professional. I recommend embracing the calling to put your work into the world and learn from it.

The "good enoughness" of your work is relative to the circumstances you work in.

If you have time to make something better, use it, or move on and invest it in the next challenge.

Sometimes, being a professional means shipping good enough even when you can see better.

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