Ghost City

Perfect is a mirage full of abandoned buildings.

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Ghost Cities are surreal and induce an eerie vibe.

Unlike ghost towns in the old West, which were abandoned after an economy dried up; Ghost cities are never lived in after building.

The vastness of Ghost Cities reflects the risk that creatives take when they build their ideas to the standard of "perfect."

Two YouTuber's, "The Proper People," have made a whole channel out of exploring discarded places. In one video, they visit an abandoned 1,800-acre development in China. The project was halted in 2014 when it entered bankruptcy. The buildings are stuck between idea mode and finished - a big vision is now a strange empty monument.

For the creative, these monuments stand as reminders;
• Don't build a Ghost City of your ideas.
• Bring people into your work sooner.
• Perfect is a mirage full of abandoned buildings.

Often, when talking with other creatives, I hear they are stuck on an idea, wanting to get it perfect. Or they've started building their vision but want to get it "right" before sharing.

Creatives feel the fear and risk of sharing their work. What's often missed is not a risk of "getting it wrong," but the risk that others won't get your medicine. I've heard Jeffrey Davis say many times, "the world needs your medicine."

It's understandable to want perfection, or at least not rejection. But when we release and launch our work, we should see these events as starting rituals of invitations to clients and audiences.

Be brave in your invitation; better to build a small town than a large Ghost City.

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