March 27, 2022

Doing our work allows us across the canyon of the unfamiliar

Open Reference

For creatives, the canyon between you and who you want to be can not be filled, but it can be crossed. The canyon is a chasm of the unknowing, but it's a part of the landscape of your life, and figuring out how to cross it is your daily work.

We can take rope bridges across the gulch, but we must notice them.

Sometimes, we are overwhelmed and get stuck examining all the possibilities. We see bridges, but they are engulfed in the fog of worry as we ask;

• Am I picking the best path?
• Will this work take me somewhere I really want to go?
• Will others like what I'm doing? Will it make money?

These questions are okay, but in work worth doing, there is no perfect answer, and it's better to work out the solution by starting.

In doing our work, the fog of worry subsides as we learn to trust the bridge of doing, which allows us across the canyon of the unfamiliar.

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