Creative Strategy
March 17, 2021

Great guides help us find our own way.

Open Reference

When you ask for advice, whether in life or design, you get two styles of input.

One.) People share what they would do.
They may phrase it as what you should do, but it's advice as if they were taking action. If you want to be like the person, then their advice often means more. This kind of advice is quick and easy to share. It's helpful sometimes.

Two.) People will help you see what you should do.
They may or may not share what they would do, and they'll caveat any story with differences in your context. This advice takes a little longer to get and is typically less satisfying to receive in moments that feel urgent. But the more sage input is often reusable and takes you further.

The origin of the word "leader" is "to go before, precede." Another popular origin is that leader means "to go before as a guide" or "pathfinder".

I think great leaders may have gone before you, but they don't guide you down the same path they took. Great guides help us find our own way.

I don't always have the awareness act in a second way of giving advice, but I'm very aware of the type of advice I'm getting.

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