Creative Condition
April 21, 2021

I spoke truth into the rushing water, but no one heard.

Open Reference

This morning standing on the ridgeline trail, looking down at the large creek, my mind was in turmoil with life's challenges. Summoned down by something, I beat my way through the brush down the ridge. A physical challenge is a good remedy for the spinning mind.

I found an old grey fallen tree halfway down the slope. I rested on it and watched the geese wade into the water. Another goose announced itself in the treetops and landed in a calm pocket of the current.

Wanting to be closer to the scene - in it - I followed a deer trail down to the water. I sat on a log on the ridge side. The sound of the water clearing my mind - I checked my watch - but knew it didn't matter.

I spoke truth into the rushing water, but no one heard.

Snaps behind me - a trample - popping up, I saw a deer leaping down the trail directly at me. I whistled, not knowing if my bright blue jacket would help the deer see me. 15 feet off, it turned and sprang back up the hill.

Then with calm in my heart, I scrambled back up the ridge, ready for the world that waits.

All the truth in the river
All the challenge in the day
my work in both.

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