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April 18, 2021

What is rare and what is abundant in your creative work?

Open Reference

If you cruise a forested mountain pass in the Oregon spring, being blinded by shimmering light is a common experience.

As you drive around tight curves, the trees rise above the late afternoon sun, and light begins to fitfully break through the trees.

It's one of my favorite situations. Even with sunglasses on, there are moments when the sunbeam's glare turns everything black, and the lines on the road disappear.

The shimmering throws a random patter of gold and orange on everything - and there is infinite variety in nature's abstract art.

Nature can be a bit irritating with its ease at beauty. I try so hard to make things look great in my design work, and then nature throws light through trees and looks wonderful.

When I see this kind of mundane beauty in the outer world, it makes me wonder about our inner human workings.

Gold is so rare in rocks and so abundant in light.

There are similar patterns between our desire to be known and doing good work - between fame and artifacts - rareness and abundance.

I'll leave this metaphor open to conversation as I ask the question:

What is rare and what is abundant in your creative work?‍

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