Creative Condition
April 9, 2021
Tree Rings

The resource of true insight is living.

Open Reference

We made our digital world without a rhythm - there is no season in tools we've made - only an oscillating pulse. Those who want to operate in it must make their own rhythms and force tools to follow their time.

Yesterday, I walked a path beside Mirror Pond. A fresh cut stump called my attention. Greeting it, I placed my boot on it and began to trace the rings. Each ring a year. Tracing a radius from the bark to the center, I counted ten years and paused to ponder where I was; then I traced 30 more. At 65 years, the rings became too compressed to discern.

The resource of true insight is living.

How oddly disconnected is the tree from my home's structure, but I live in a house made of plants.

Trees rings hold the lessons of time. They illuminate for us that growth is not a linear process with their dark and light rings. There are periods of rest when we strip away what's old and seasons when we spring with new ideas.

There is tension between the way nature grows and the way our tools pulse. Do we have to be the time keepers of our tools? How can we force the digital world to follow our rhythm?

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